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From 2003-2005, Karen served director of the Gifted Association of BC’s Vancouver Chapter, as well as coordinating four of that group’s International Conferences focused on the needs of gifted children.

In 2004 Karen co-founded Silbury Education and Resource Centre for Gifted and Creative Learners. As director and principal of this ground-breaking educational institution, Karen was able to integrate her business and marketing experience with her compassion, creativity and energy to develop a unique program for gifted and creative learners. Karen was aware that most children in that category didn’t fit into standard models of education. So, she designed a theme-based, interactive curriculum based on their needs as well as ran the school, which included overseeing operations as well as running special events and conferences.  Her progressive mind-set made cutting-edge science along with the traditional “wisdom of the sages”  accessible and meaningful to every student in the Silbury classrooms.  Karen used a combination of new education technology, intuition, and humor to successfully implement the Silbury philosophy from grades 1-9.

Our Roots are in Education

Part 1 – Why a Silbury Education

Part 2 – more about Silbury

Part 3 – “The Big Idea” with parents

A Silbury Education ( Year One Video)

Silbury Instructors and Our Style: We worked with museum and the community at large.

In 2009 Karen, added the “Science to Sage” program under the Silbury education umbrella. In partnerships and alone, Silbury has hosted International Speakers events to educate in the areas of education, emerging science and spirituality.


Karen is a contributor to an award winning book, “The Beacon of Mind, Reason and Intuition in the Ancient and Modern World.”. Edited by Andrea Black and John H Spencer, PhD, Publisher Param Media (