Science to Sage Design  was inspired by my love of creating the graphics in Science to Sage E-Magazine.
The visual medium is what delights me.  For 23 years I had and advertising agency  in Los Angeles – I love it!, Yet I was the “account executive  and creative director” not the designer. My MAC introduced me to a whole new world.

Over the past 5 years of creating  Science to Sage Magazine,  I have co-created e-zines with Namaste and Hay House Publishing,
I produced many promotional piece for events, and a few magazines that covered events such as the Electric Universe Conference or a few Water Conferences.

I’ve done many custom visual presentations for new energy ideas, artists, products, and travel brochures.

With my new video partner, Jeremy Pfeiffer, Science to Sage is now adding Video Production.

Below are a few samples of the “works”!

The video below is the first co-creation with Jeremy, and now are now  more in the works.

And if you interested in sponsor a Video Series … Click Here to get an overview of the vision.

Contact: Karen Elkins at sciencetosage(at)