Thomas Barquee

Thomas Barquee was brought up in a Protestant family and attended church frequently, drawn in large part to the sacred music, especially that of J.S. Bach. As a young child, he was also exposed to Beethoven and the Romantic composers, beginning his own study of classical piano and composition at age nine with an internationally renowned teacher in Hamburg, Germany.

In his mid-20s, Barquee was a busy recording session musician, toured internationally with his own bands, had a five year publishing deal with Warner Brothers, had a record deal with EMI Japan, and was well on his way to European/Asian pop stardom. But somewhere along the line the world of pop stardom ended up feeling empty to Barquee.

In search of new inspiration Barquee moved to Los Angeles in 1992, reinstating his dormant Kundalini Yoga practice (he had become a practitioner in India more than a decade earlier), and shifting his musical perspective to one more spiritually oriented.

He now records and performs his own style of sacred music, as well as producing many other artists. He was the producer, engineer and programmer for Game of Chants, as well as playing both keyboards and bass.









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