Josef Tyls

Joseph Tyls


At my heart, I am an ALCHEMIST and my quest is for the truth in its most purest sense a philosopher – the basis of the word philo, meaning ‘Lover’, as in Philo/Sopher, ‘Sophia’, meaning wisdom or completely “Lover of wisdom”

My synopsis

The gift which I love to share with people who are asking to understand HOW and WHY, is the truth of the beautiful interconnectedness that exists and presents itself IF one has the eyes to see it and the willingness to let go of dogma’s.

As the old alchemists saying goes, “its women’s work and child’s play” meaning THE CREATION OF LIFE is magically unfolding as it is intended to be, and all we need to do is BE AWARE and see the magic which then illuminates our imagination and brings us the understanding from wisdom which is deeper than knowledge.



Bio: Josef Tyls III M.Sc. Ph.D. Industrial Engineer was born in the Czech Republic and became a Canadian citizen in 1972 . He began his technical education while still in high school attending specialty courses surrounding industrial education, focusing on metal fabrication, mechanics and electronics. His project majors were the design and development of a direct drive super charger for small engine applications and high fidelity audio monitors, for which he received top marks in his classes. During his early career he attended specialized welding classes and electronics education classes at Vancouver’s Vocation Institute of Technology earning top marks.
In 1985 undertaking a private research project funded by his family, Josef developed a unique high definition three-dimensional holographic audio system specifically designed for healing purposes. By 1992 Josef Tyls was recruited by Dr. Carlos Fenton Mason D.Sc. of Mato Labs to design and engineer medical ozone generation systems capable of continuous use without degradation. The system designed and developed was then submitted as his project thesis of the degree of Master of Science in Industrial Engineering.

In 1994 Josef Tyls became heavily involved with research surrounding the efficacy of ozonation for potable water processing while investigating solutions to GVRD’s water crisis.

It was during this research that he developed the hyper oxygenation process that became the fundamental technology platform for his company Vancouver Oxygen research Technologies Ltd. which was then licensed to and still in use by the Avani Water Corporation in Burnaby B.C.

The commercial system once tested and confirmed by third part analysis was utilized as the major project submitted for his dissertation for the degree of Doctorate of Philosophy in Industrial Engineering in 1998.

In 1997 Josef Tyls became a member of the Occidental Institute Research Foundation and The Institute of the Noetic Sciences.

Josef has been involved with systems technology design throughout his working career and has successfully brought to market many of the technologies for nearly 30 years.  His field of expertise covers all aspects of industrial engineering, electronics design and development, biology and bio-oxidative medicine, electro-medicine, water processing, and high definition audio systems used for healing.

His deep understanding of the fundamental structure of matter and its interrelationship with human consciousness is the basis of many of his unique technologies.

The list of mentors, which Josef has studied and developed his technologies from: Dr. Nicola Tesla, Victor Schauberger, John Worrell Keely, Dr. Walter Russell, and many other pioneers of quantum physics.



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