The book, “InsideOUT, the Visual Guide to the Wisdom of Our Designer Universe,” was inspired by my childhood fascination as to how did God create such infinite variety, as there is no one of a kind or one way to do anything. I thought I would have to die and go to heaven to know, but the secrets began to unravel in the here and now.  This unfolding journey lead me to understand more clearly the heart and mind of God, as well as the unifying principles that connect us all. This book is a tapestry that weaves together the works of many greats, known and unknown, scientists and sage.

For me it was like putting the pieces of a puzzle together.  I was guided and inspired along the way.  So come adventure into the  divine matrix where I simply and  visually guide you to where science meets the sage, east meets west, and your heart touches your mind.

Karen Elkins