Chapter Five – The Electric Universe


Chapter Five – The Electric Universe

Chapter Five – The Electric Universe


Chapter five examines the electric nature of our universe from outer space to our inner space.




  • The Electric Universe, David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill
  • The Thunderbolts of the Gods, David Talbott and Wallace Thornhill
  • The Electric Sky, Donald Scott
  • The Universal One, Walter Russell
  • Evolve Your Brain, Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • The Edge Effect – Achieve Total Health and Longevity with the Balanced Brain Advantage, Eric R. Braverman, M.D.
  • My Stroke of Insight, Jane Bolte Taylor
  • Taoist Cosmic Healing, Montak Chia
  • The Four Agreements, and the 5th Agreement, don Miguel Ruiz
  • Breathe Deep, Laugh Loudly, Judith Kravitz
  • HeartMath Solutions, emWave Mediations, Prayer & Self-Help Assistance Booklet, Transforming Stress, Transforming Anxiety, Transforming Depression, Transforming Anger, Stop Emotional Eating, Teens Self Discovery and The Inside Story, Doc Childre and Howard Martin
  • Mary Magdalene-Bride in Exile, Margaret Starbird





  • The Art of Change, Dr. Joe Dispenza
  • 100 Breaths to Joy, Cosmic Waltz, Transformational Breath Guided Session, Divine Breath, Judith Kravitz


Movies Suggestions

  • StarWars Series
  • Contact
  • Paul





Heaven and Earth

Article Earth’s Magnetic Field




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Walter Russell


Walter Russell

Walter Russell


Walter Russell was one of the greatest geniuses ever to walk the planet. Even though he died in the 60’s, Walter Russell greatly changed the world we live in today. Walter Russell felt it was his Life Purpose to be an example to mankind that we all have genius inherent within us. And he did just that.

Walter Russell mastered many talents -master painter, sculptor, author, philosopher, musician, composer, architect, scientist, equestrian, figure skater, and more.

Walter Russell developed his own Periodic Chart of the Elements and was the first to define the trans-uranium elements–the elements eventually used (and abused) to create nuclear energy and the atomic bomb.

Walter Russell understood cause–the “why” of things.  Modern science uses observation and deduces the “effects” of things. Walter Russell released many of his discoveries and insights to the world’s leading scientists and physicists in 1926. The official scientific community considered Walter Russell to be a heretic because he approached science from a metaphysical viewpoint, putting God into the equation.  However, at least two scientists have since won Nobel Prizes by developing his ideas. Walter Russell never was given credit for the discoveries he revealed to mankind in 1926, in his scientific treatise, The Universal One.


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The Universal One – This is a universe of Mind, a finite universe, limited as to cause, and to the effect of cause. A finite universe, in which the effects of cause are limited, must also be limited as to cause; so when that measurable cause is known, then can man comprehend and measure all effects. The effects of cause are complex and mystify man, but cause itself is simple. The universe is a multiplicity of changing effects of but One unchanging cause. All things are universal. Nothing is which is not universal. Nothing is of itself alone. Man and Mind and all creating things are universal. No man can say: ‘I alone am I.’ There is but One universe, One Mind, One force, One substance.


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