Chapter Two – As Above, So Below


Chapter  Two  –  As  Above,  So  Below

Chapter Two – As Above, So Below


Chapter two is about how everything goes from the macro to the micro, from the inside to the outside, systems within systems.





  • The Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell
  • Spontaneous Evolution: Our Positive Future and a Way to Get There from Here, Bruce Lipton, Steve Bhaerman
  • The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles, Bruce H. Lipton
  • System Thinking – Web of Life and the Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra
  • In Search of the Miraculous – Healing into Consciousness, Eliza Mada Dalian
  • The Mastery of Love, don Miguel Ruiz
  • Health is About Consciousness, Ivan Rados
  • Common Teachings of Four Mystical Traditions– Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Lao Tzu, Richard Hooper


  • Power of Myth, Joseph Campbell
  • The Living Matrix
  • What the Bleep Do We Know


  • The Wisdom of Your Cells-Bruce Lipton







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Ivan Rados


Ivan Rados

Ivan Rados


Ivan Rados is an author, speaker and healer who understands the nature of our oneness.

By Ivan — Just as health is grounded in being, this essence of who we are is itself grounded in a universal oneness which is our One Self.

This One Self is the divine essence of the cosmos that people often refer to as God. It is our true being, the divine love that birthed the universe.
As the source of everything that exists––and as the heart and core of our individual being––this One Self knows nothing but well-being.

As a oneness, there is no fracturing within the source. Rather, it is whole, or holy. (The words “holy,” “holism,” “holistic” and “healing” all carry this root meaning).

This wholeness of the universal oneness in which we are all grounded is the source of health.

Hence to be healed means to be made whole––to be made holy––which is to experience reconnection with our multidimensionality and interconnectedness.

It is to know our One-Self––that is,to experience ourselves as a manifestation of the whole. In contrast, to be unhealthy is to experience ourselves as disconnected and separate from the whole. Just as health is a process of being, disease is also a process, as is obvious when we examine the word.
Dis-ease is a condition of uneasiness, which creates an imbalance in the body. For instance we speak of being “ill at ease.” This is in contrast to our natural process which is to enjoy a flowing aliveness and vibrancy.

Disease is a state in which there is no longer an easiness about us, no longer an unimpeded flow of energy, no longer a suppleness.

Whenever we find ourselves diseased, it means we are doing something to create an energy blockage. Our energy has been diverted from its natural flow and consequently the balance within the whole has been lost.

Create Yourself is a fascinating and essential guide to finding yourself, health, peace and happiness through the process of self-help and visualization exercises with Sacred Geometry. This book is a highly original and inspiring piece of work, specially by knowing that there is no other material giving Sacred Geometry such an important place in our health and self discovery, which will offer readers the potential to recreate and heal themselves through the powerful forces of interconnectedness with each other and the universe. It s like reading a sacred text filled with modern scientific discovery that’s written in an easy, clear, and enjoyable manner.

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