Patricia Taylor – Monthly Adventure


Patricia Taylor is Vancouver’s local underground adventurer and creator of the popular and internationally acknowledged Monthly Adventure website.

After graduating with two degrees in science, she formed an environmental consultant business and worked as a Project Manager on a multi-million dollar program. During this time, she researched human interest stories for several documentary films – one of which was selected for the 2007 Montreal World Film Festival (Eddibu).

While these experiences laid the foundation for her continuing quest to understand the world we live in, personal tragedy struck and lead Patricia to do the unthinkable – she walked away from a successful career. Taking her life in an entirely new direction, Patricia committed to exploring provocative subjects by having one adventure, once a month, for the rest of her life.



With a quest for knowledge and a thirst for adventure, Patricia opened her eyes to over 40 unique experiences, each one a journey beyond her wildest dreams. From the physical to the psychological, she trained as a psychic spy, donated her body for scientific exploration, received her skipper’s certification, participated in a First Nations sweat lodge ceremony, became a hypnotherapist, studied the ancient Chinese art of face reading, and learned how to hunt ghosts – just to name a few.


Since the inception of the Monthly Adventure website in December 2010, thousands of visitors from across the world bear witness to her unforgettable journeys and compelling stories. With only a quarter of her exploits written to date, her mission is to inspire others to break free from the conventional. Patricia is living proof that sometimes life is an unexpected adventure just waiting to happen.