Denise Hagan

Denise Hagan is a sacred and inspirational performer dedicated to opening the heart of humankind through sound, story and song.

In her late twenties, a severe health condition called Denise to search deep inside herself in way she had never done before. Facing something that the world might call incurable, once again her music became that vehicle for healing and releasing the deep physical pain that she was in. At this huge crossroads, it became obvious to Denise that it was time to write more openly about her long time faith in the divine source of all life.

‘For those who hear…’ is the album that beautifully reveals Denise’s inner world at that time (2006). It seems to give voice to the inner listening of this young woman in a way that most writers would never reveal. It is a delicate and astute observation of her relationship with the divine source of all creation.

“I wrote this album to save my life, I cannot say it more plainly than that. I wrote these songs to comfort my aching heart and to give myself hope for a better day. I was smart enough to know that what was going on inside me was a matter between God and I – I wasn’t expecting a hero outside of me to arrive.”

“I recognized that I was the voice that would determine my survival in this world. I knew that the message I gave myself would either take my life or restore my life – the options were clear to me.”


World Kindness Concert ~ Denise Hagan