David Talbot & Wallace Thornhill


Wallace Thornhill

Australian physicist. His work on “The Electric Universe” provides the broadest synthesis of electrical principles to date. It offers a new vantage point on solar system history, planetary cratering and scarring, the dynamics of the sun, and the nature of galaxies. Wallace is a senior editor for the Picture of the Day feature on and co-author of The Electric Universe and Thunderbolts of the Gods books. His website is:

David Talbott

Comparative mythologist whose work offers a radical new vantage point on the origin of ancient cultural themes and symbols. His research has been the primary catalyst behind the “Saturn Model,” and is the subject of the feature documentary, “Remembering the End of the World.” Author of The Saturn Myth and co-author (with Wallace Thornhill) of Thunderbolts of the Godsand The Electric Universe.

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